What is Creative Aging?

Creative Aging is broadly defined as exploring one's creative potential in the later years of life. 

Creative Aging is a movement which recognizes the beneficial role of the arts in improving the quality of life for older adults and its contribution to their psychological, physical and emotional health.

Who is it for?

Our programs are designed for people 55 years of age and older. This is the age range when creative activities have proven the most profound benefits.

Our Approach



All Art4Life programs are facilitated by teaching artists trained to work with older adults. They all have unique talents and work creatively in various mediums.



Art4Life Inc. workshops are offered in small groups settings, allowing participants to connect with others while working on their own creative projects.

Individuals who may be unable to join a group session or prefer to attend individual sessions can be accommodated separately.

Programs for Persons-with-Dementia


Special creative art workshops will be offered for people with memory loss and their care partners.

By providing opportunities for self-expression we promote the social engagement, autonomy and dignity of people with dementia.