Art4Life Inc. is a for-profit social enterprise committed to championing Creative Aging and to bring its benefits to Canadians. We are passionate about the potential of this approach as an important contributor to positive aging.


Strong, healthy communities that engage all seniors as full and active participants, where the arts are valued as a key contributor to health and well-being.


To maintain &/or improve the health and well-being of seniors through participation in arts.

Founder & CEO

Anita Punamiya


Anita is an entrepreneur, an artist, and a change-maker.

"Sometimes life gives us an opportunity to transform painful events into empowering ones. Art4Life was born out of some of the saddest moments of my life.

My mother, who was the biggest inspiration of my life, passed away in May 2017. Watching her health journey, especially the rapid decline due to dementia in the last year of her life was extremely difficult. It was when I was reading about research and work being done related to aging and dementia, that I stumbled upon the concept of Creative Aging. 

For the past year and a half I have been immersed in understanding and learning more about this field. 

Art4Life is the outcome of being a witness to my mother's health journey."

Anita is a trained Facilitator for the "Opening Minds through Art (OMA)" Program.