This research project is approved and funded under the ‘Healthy Seniors Pilot Project’ by GNB and supported by the Mayors of Saint John, Rothesay and Grand Bay-Westfield. It has been reviewed and approved by the University of New Brunswick Research Ethics Board. (REB File #039-2019).

The Project is an Arts-based Health Research Project which applies scientific method to obtain a better understanding of the effect of creative activities on the health and well-being of older adults and their communities. 

Basic eligibility for participation

  • Ages: 65+ of age 
  • Living independently in Rothesay, Grand Bay- Westfield and Saint John


Researchers will screen participants and select those who will get a score between 0-5 on the Frailty Index and reflect demographics in general population (Gender, racial and ethnic minorities, etc.) Selected candidates will be divided two groups: the intervention group and control group. The intervention-group participants will all be involved in a variety of art programs that will be conducted by professional artists and that meet for 2 hours weekly for a period of 12 months. The control group will not participate in these activities. 

We will use a Mixed-method approach using both, quantitative and qualitative methods. It will include a collection of both quantitative (e.g. questionnaires) and qualitative data (e.g. interviews, focus groups) to make observations, to discover cause-and-effect relationships by asking questions and carefully gathering and examining evidence. 




A variety of activities will be offered:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Collage
  • Clay-Work
  • Performance
  • Sculpting
  • And more.

All activities are free for seniors participating in research project



All activities will be facilitated by local artists. Some of them are:

  • Amy Ash
  • Celeigh Barber-Russell
  • Fabiola Martinez
  • Jo Dixon
  • Karen Knight
  • Peggy Woolsey
  • Ruth Sullivan



2-hour weekly sessions will be offered 

  • Mondays at Saint John Arts Center, Saint John
  • Mondays at Somerset Community Center, Saint John
  • Mondays at Centrum Community Center, Grand Bay-Westfield 
  • Tuesdays at Bill McGuire Center, Rothesay 

Project Team


  • Project Coordinator: Anita Punamiya
  • Researchers:
    • Dr. Greg Fleet, Faculty @ University of New Brunswick
    • Dr. Barry Watson, Faculty @University of New Brunswick
    • Dr. Alekhya Das (Baba), Research Associate
    • Stephanie Maguire, Research Assistant

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